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Shut eye horizon - Solipsism

Shut eye horizon - Solipsism

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Shut eye horizon's second album on high-bias chrome Syahprise tape. Clear metallic green liner & pop tab. Limited to 50 Copies. Out aug 27th 2017.

Shut eye horizon is comprised of Syah and N and Mr. Moodswing.

N and Moodswing first met during N his job, telling kids it’s OK to be themselves and listen to undergr hiphop, KRS One or Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell.

About a year later N introduced Moodswing to his best friend Syah and the rest is future.

They talked hiphop and slowly discovered the gap between Newton and Einstein. Together they started to chase their oddball psych and somewhat more or less mainstream hop while falling deeper into a musical abyss that’s as goofy as it is dark and uplifting for no particular hiphop reasons.

Their second album is a knocking, crack-burned image. A weird year, a Syahprise dedicated to Syah. Delving further and further into a heady—yet hardly known—musical abyss in the process. Analog synths, spacemachines, FX, cuts, overdose sampling, gritty flows, thoughtfull rhymes & banging experimentation.

A welcome interruption from the hiphop blur .

Will you come along for the ride?

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