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inDepth - Resfeber

inDepth - Resfeber

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This 7th inDepth album follows the “as always” pioneering attempts to do us as we cope with daily life, love, obsoleteness, health issues, recovery, the parental travel and “no we don’t want a career in music/ social media”. Rubbing up unlikely forms against one another, tampering with synths, drummachines and vinyl… messing through words, ideas and thoughts. Resfeber is when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together 2B / want 2 be / wannabee social or obtain goals?—? if there are no better real-world alternatives.

{He was distraught and told me that he wanted to kill himself. Suicide bomber style, if the 30-year-old was strapped to a gurney, taken to a psychiatric hospital, and was monitored for safety would somebody acknowledge the fact that abstract meaning is hard to grasp.}

You understand where the “duck” part of chuck-n-duck came from.

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