InDepth – Higher value when hiphop becomes more restricted

InDepth’s latest full lenght. Featuring DJ Beedie, Liv, Psychic Summit, Speed dial 7, Marcus Graap, Gel roc, K-the-I, Amesia, Xzcircles, Rhythmatic, Dj Roach, Anarchitect, Moodswing & Smooth C. Limited stuff!

12.00 excl. Vat


In side:
Aiming Music by Syah, Lyrics by N, Additional Vocals by Liv, Cuts by DJ Beedie and Syah.
Thunderstorm Music by Syah, Lyrics by N.
Dreamer Music by Syah, Lyrics by Psychic Summit.
Unconditional Music by N, Lyrics by N.
Entering Music by Syah, Lyrics by N, Additional Vocals by Speeddial 7.

Depth side:
On the run Music by Syah, Lyrics by N, Cuts by Syah.
Surrender subsonic Music by Syah, Lyrics by N.
Electrified fairytale Music by Syah, Lyrics by N.
Trace Music by Xzcircles, Lyrics by Gel roc, K-the-I, N, Amesia, Xzcircles, Rhythmatic. Cuts by Dj Roach.
Wasted youth Music by Syah, Lyrics by N, Additional Vocals by Marcus Graap & Liv, Cuts by Syah.

Bonus: On the innersleeve there is a download code in order to receive your digital album download which contains 9 more songs:

Danger do not feed.
Jump ft. Song
Puchy ft. Anarchitect, Moodswing & Smooth C.
Doing dope ft. Speeddial 7.
Dididitdada ft. Song.
Alternative ways of sacrifice

With this release we decided to indulge our love for handmade packaging and do something special. Limited to a shortrun of 256 copies, we got us some post-consumer recycled blank cardboard vinyl jackets and have em all decorated by illustrative designer / graffiti artists Eelco van den Berg and a bunch of kids that N works with. Spraypainting and magic markering 256 pieces like a huge recordcover (25m2 = 269.09776 square feet) attached to a wall and decorating them afterwards with stickers and handwriting. (They’re all hand numbered).

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 1 cm

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