Shut eye horizon – Alec Baldwin (Tape, 7′ Vinyl, T-shirt Bundle)

”Alec Baldwin” was made over the course of 3 years,
Written and recorded at N his studio Ourplace and during recreational weekends at DNS studio Groningen the Netherlands. N and Moodswing first met during N his job at Younger at heart, telling kids it’s OK to be themselves and listen to DMX, George Micheal or Tollie D. About a year later N introduced Moodswing to his best friend and fellow partner inDepth Syah and the rest is future. They talked hiphop and slowly discovered the gap between music and making music.


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Alec Baldwin is like always putting the “do” in do-it-yourself, delving further and further into a heady—yet hardly known—musical abyss. Analog synths, Octaaction, drummachines, FX, overdose sampling, gritty flows, thoughtfull rhymes & banging experimentation, but with accessible qualities, whether it be a defined hook or a muddy synth riff.

A welcome interruption from the hiphop blur .

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